Steering & Driveline

Your go to for steering & driveline services, no matter the application.

Chaos Fab Shop offers reliable steering and driveline services to help maintain and improve your vehicle’s performance and safety. Our skilled technicians can manage a variety of tasks, from routine maintenance to more specialized upgrades.


For your steering needs, we provide thorough services that ensure your vehicle’s steering system is functioning smoothly and safely. Whether it’s regular maintenance or custom steering enhancements, our team is ready to assist.


When it comes to driveline services, we’ve got you covered as well. Our technicians can handle everything from basic driveshaft repairs to more complex differential upgrades, ensuring your vehicle runs smoothly.


At Chaos Fab Shop, we’re committed to delivering quality service without overcomplicating things, making sure your vehicle is in good hands.

Steering Services Offered


  • Power steering fluid flush and replacement
  • Steering rack and pinion replacement
  • Steering column repair and replacement
  • Steering linkage inspection and repair
  • Steering wheel alignment and balancing
  • Custom steering system upgrades
Driveline Services Offered


  • Driveshaft repair and balancing
  • U-joint replacement
  • Differential fluid flush and replacement
  • Differential repair and rebuilding
  • Axle shaft replacement
  • Driveline vibration diagnosis and repair


Quality Steering Brands We Work With


  • Borgeson Universal Company
  • AGR Performance Steering
  • PSC Motorsports
  • Sweet Manufacturing
  • Grant Products
  • Flaming River
  • And more!
Quality Driveline Brands We Work With


  • Tom Wood's Custom Drive Shafts
  • Yukon Gear & Axle
  • Nitro Gear & Axle
  • Ten Factory
  • Spicer
  • Strange Engineering
  • And more!

Whether you require routine maintenance or seek advanced upgrades for your vehicle’s steering or driveline systems, Chaos Fab Shop is your go-to destination for expert service. If your vehicle’s steering system needs a check-up or a bespoke upgrade, we have the skills and knowledge to ensure it’s done correctly.


Similarly, if you’re noticing driveline vibrations or it’s time for maintenance, our team is here to provide top-notch driveline services. Contact us today to book an appointment for either steering or driveline services and experience the peace of mind that comes with professional care.

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