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There’s a big difference between installing gears and installing gears to take the abuse you’re going to throw at it. Gears multiply torque. The stock Jeep 3.6L Pentastar makes 260 lb-ft. By the time that power goes through 1st gear in the transmission, 4 low in the transfer case, and through the 4.88 gears, it’s multiplied to 13,906 lb-ft!!! If your gears aren’t top quality and set up correctly, they will shatter under that load. According to Spicer, the new Dana 44 with 226mm ring gear is rated for 8200Nm or 6047.992 lb-ft. Gear failures are usually due to improper installation or running tires that are too large for the application. We will run the numbers for you to make sure your 4×4 that will stand up to the way you drive.


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