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At Chaos Fab Shop, we’re committed to providing our customers with the highest quality automotive services and repairs. That’s why we’re proud to be a member of the TechNet Professional Automotive Service network, offering our customers the assurance of nationwide warranty coverage and peace of mind wherever they go.


When you choose Chaos Fab Shop for your automotive service and repair needs, you’re covered by a nationwide limited repair warranty that extends across North America. Our warranty provides coverage for 24 months or 24,000 miles, whichever comes first, ensuring that you’re protected against unexpected issues and repairs no matter where your travels take you.

What is TechNet & How Can it Help You?

Founded in 1997, TechNet Professional Automotive Service began as a resource to equip independently owned service centers with the necessary technical solutions, ongoing training, and business tools to excel in the automotive repair industry. Our aim is to empower local shops to better serve motorists and enhance their presence in the community.


Today, TechNet has evolved into a robust network, known as the TechNet Nation, comprising over 15,000 member shops across North America. Being a part of the TechNet Nation means that Chaos Fab Shop can offer you reliable automotive services backed by comprehensive benefits.

Nationwide Warranty
Enjoy peace of mind with a warranty covering 24 months or 24,000 miles, valid across North America.
Road Hazard Tire Protection Plan
Protects against unforeseen tire damage and hazards.
Roadside Assistance Program
Ensures help is just a call away in case of an emergency on the road.

The Nationwide Warranty

Our TechNet membership ensures that you receive comprehensive coverage for a wide range of automotive systems and components when you have service done at Chaos Fab Shop, our warranty includes an extensive list of parts and services covered with TechNet Professional Service.

Duration & Scope:

  • 24 months or 24,000 miles coverage, whichever comes first.

What’s Covered:

  • Coverage for a wide range of systems including:
    • Air Conditioning & Heating
    • Brake Systems
    • Climate Control Systems
    • Clutches (Repair & Replacement)
    • Electrical Systems
    • Emission Control Systems
    • Engine Cooling Systems
    • Electronic Engine Management & Onboard Computer Systems
    • Engine Performance Services
    • Fuel Systems
    • Ignition Systems
    • Starting & Charging Systems
    • Steering & Suspension Systems
    • Hybrid Drive Battery Replacements (Installed after July 1st, 2016)
    • And Other Minor Repairs

Trip Interruption Reimbursement:

  • Reimbursement up to $250 for meals and lodging if a covered repair interrupts your trip and you’re more than 100 miles from home.

For a comprehensive overview of what the Nationwide Warranty covers, along with any exclusions or limitations, please access the full Terms and Conditions Here.

Road Side Assistance

Our TechNet membership provides year-round road side assistance and will be there when you need it most. Whether a flat tire, lost keys, a dead battery, empty gas tank, or if you just need a tow; Chaos Fab Shop and TechNet insure you are taken care of every mile of the way.

Comprehensive Assistance Services:

  • Towing: Assistance with towing your vehicle to the nearest qualified repair facility or a facility of your choice.
  • Lock-Out Assistance: Help is available if keys are lost or locked inside of your vehicle.
  • Flat Tire Assistance: Service includes installing a serviceable spare tire or towing if your vehicle has multiple flat tires or no spare.
  • Fuel, Oil, Fluid, and Water Delivery: Delivery services are available for vehicles in immediate need, with the only out of pocket costs being for the actual fluids delivered.
  • Battery Jump-Start: Assistance in jump-starting a your vehicle if the battery fails.

Eligibility & Coverage:

  • The coverage is specific to the vehicle identified on the invoice and extends to the vehicle owner, spouse, and dependent children.
  • The program covers services during the first 365 days from the date of any service or parts purchase at a TechNet Auto Service facility.

Cap on Reimbursement:

  • $150 per eligible incident, per 365-day period; giving you peace of mind with parts and installation work provided by Chaos Fab Shop.
For a comprehensive overview of what the Roadside Assistance Program covers, along with any exclusions or limitations, please access the full Terms and Conditions Here.

Road Hazard Tire Protection

It’s the smart decision to buy your tires from a TechNet Professional partner shop because tire manufacturers do not always cover mishaps like punctures or damage that can happen over the course of normal, everyday travel. You can add this plan to any eligible new tire purchase or installation at Chaos Fab Shop and get nationwide coverage for up to 3 years against road hazard events that can be bound to happen.

Comprehensive Coverage:

  • Reimbursement for tire-related services due to road hazards like punctures, glass damage, potholes, and more.
  • Coverage includes flat tire changing assistance and repair costs within the specified limits.

Financial Benefits:

  • Up to $75 for flat tire changing assistance.
  • Up to $25 for flat tire repair per tire, per incident.
  • Tire replacement reimbursement up to the lesser of the original purchase price or $399.99 per tire.

Long Duration:

  • Coverage lasts for 36 months from the tire purchase date or until the tread wears down to 2/32nds of an inch.

Convenient Service Accessibility:

  • Service can be obtained from any licensed service provider when you are more than 25 miles away from the original selling facility.
  • TechNet provides easy access to customer care for assistance in locating the nearest tire servicing facility.

For a comprehensive overview of what the Road Hazard Tire Protection covers, along with any exclusions or limitations, please access the full Terms and Conditions Here.

Wherever You Go, Our Warranty Goes with You

With Chaos Fab Shop and the TechNet program, you can rest assured that wherever your journey takes you, our warranty coverage will be there to support you. Experience the convenience and peace of mind of nationwide warranty protection with Chaos Fab Shop and TechNet. Schedule your service or repair with us today and enjoy worry-free driving wherever you roam.

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