1981 Jeep CJ8

Custom Build Details

  • Genright CJ Aluminum Fenders
  • Genright CJ Aluminum Fender Marker Lights
  • Genright TJ Aluminum Inner Fenders - Modified to work as CJ Aluminum Inner Fenders
  • Genright CJ8 Steel Rock Sliders with Steps - Modified
  • Corbeau Seats Mounted via Chaos Fab Shop Modular Mount System
  • Chaos Fab Shop Modular Mount System Seat / Harness Brackets
  • Paint Match Genright Fenders / Fender Flares
  • Genright CJ Rear Tire Carrier
  • Genright Tire Carrier Cage Tie In
  • Genright Roll Cage Dash Tie In
  • Genright Roll Cage Frame Tie In
  • Chaos Fab Shop Cage with Rolled Tube Gussets
  • Chaos Fab Shop CJ Front Seat Mounts
  • Genright LED Reverse Lights

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