Maria Whatley Chaos Motorsports
The driving force of CHAOS. Russian born, Olympic athlete, owner, strategic and organizational leader.

Maria Whatley’s life has been defined by adventure, athleticism, and an unyielding passion for pushing boundaries. From a young age, Maria embraced a lifestyle filled with adrenaline-fueled pursuits, often traveling with her family to explore new and exciting destinations. While she excelled in academics, Maria’s true calling lay in seeking thrilling experiences that tested her limits.


With a competitive spirit that knows no bounds, Maria has always been drawn to activities that challenge her physically and mentally. Whether rock climbing, jet skiing, or mountain biking, Maria thrives on the rush of adrenaline that comes with conquering new obstacles. However, it’s behind the wheel where Maria truly feels at home, with a love for driving that spans both track and off-road terrain.


In 2012, Maria and her husband, AK Whatley, transformed their passion for vehicles and racing into the successful venture known as Chaos Fab Shop. Commitment to excellence and innovation quickly earned the shop a reputation as the premiere auto shop on the East Coast.


Fueled by their passion for all things automotive, they soon expanded their venture by opening Chaos Off Road Park in Capon Bridge, WV. Providing enthusiasts with legal off-roading spaces, thrilling rides, classes and family fun and fostering a culture of camaraderie and stewardship.


In 2023, AK and Maria relaunched their motorsports program with a renewed focus on media engagement. As the co-founder and driving force behind Chaos Motorsports, Maria plays a pivotal role in managing operations and events.


When she’s not tearing up the track or exploring rugged trails, Maria can be found overseeing the strategic development and day-to-day operations of the Chaos family of brands. With her unwavering dedication and boundless energy, Maria continues to lead the charge in shaping the motorsports landscape for thrill-seekers everywhere.

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