About Us

What do we build? Anything from mild to wild! If you want something as simple as a gear change done properly or a one-off custom race car we have you covered.

We build custom roll cages or install off the shelf cages. If it has a place in or on a Jeep, Toyota, Nissan or any other vehicle we want to build it or install it! Hemi swaps and other V-8s are no problem. Want a diesel in your Jeep? Bring it on! Tow rigs and Diesel Performance? Of course! Have you seen our tow rigs?

What about suspension? We are a dealer for KING Shocks, Fox shocks, ORI Struts, Sway-A-Way, Metalcloak, RockKrawler, Teraflex, and every other quality manufacturer. Got big air in mind? Want to go fast? Together we can come up with a solution that will allow your vehicle to fly high and perform like a beast on or off road. For more information on suspension set up, contact us, we will take care of you.

We’ve been wheeling and racing for a long time and we’ve broken several tons of parts along the way. We’ve also spent hard earned paychecks on parts that failed. However, what we gained in experience and memories along the way was priceless. Our mission is to use our expertise and skill set to recommend parts that we trust to work in the most extreme conditions. Parts that we would use on our own rigs.

Our prices are too low to advertise, contact us now for a quote

What can we build for you?