PSC Motorsport Steering Kit


*Price includes installation.



The Gear Box:

The steering gearbox in this particular kit retains the stock OEM valving. This valving allows the handling to remain as close to the way the vehicle was engineered to be as possible. You will have decent road feel on the highway and no over steer. The steering input effort will remain un-altered from stock at all speeds. The steering assist will increase the actually turning force of the steering components without changing the effort of what the driver physically has put forth.

The Pump:

This high volume pump kit is a direct replacement for 07-11 3.8L JKs. Greatly improves steering performance and is a must for cylinder assist systems. Pumps are 50 percent more volume than factory.

Kit includes:
Pump w/ Pulley -12 Tube Return
Super Flow GEN IV 8.25″ Remote Reservoir
Pump To Reservoir Complete Hose Kit
Conversion Idler Pulley
*This kit retains factory belt and pressure line for an easy bolt in installation.

The Cooler:

This power steering cooler kit mounts in front of the radiator behind the grill. It is an easy solution for getting a cooler in your steering system.



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