Chaos 101 Off Road Drivers Training – Nov. 15, 2014


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You don’t need a super huge built up rig to have fun off the road! Just grab your 4×4 and hit the trails with us in our 101 course! The 101 course is perfect for the new off roader or the current off roader that wants to learn more. This class will start with the basics of off road driving techniques and end with basic recovery and towing. Some of the topics covered are-

  • Driver form and trail driving techniques
  • Traction on surfaces other than pavement
  • The differences in 4wd systems
  • Manual vs. Automatic transmissions
  • Airing down
  • Vulnerabilities on your vehicle
  • Picking a line
  • Hill climbing and descents
  • Basic spotting/ground guiding
  • Basic recovery tools
  • Basic recovery
  • Vehicle mods

And a whole lot more!

Our classes at Chaos don’t spend a lot of time in the classroom. We believe in learning by doing. In the morning we will start with about 90 minutes of classroom time and then we spend the rest of the day in and around the vehicles. You will get hands on time behind the wheel, on the ground and on the trail.

Our instructors love this stuff and are some of the best. They come with a wide range of backgrounds and have years of experience, from off road racing to driving off road in combat zones around the world. And don’t worry, we won’t have you hang your rig off of a tree (unless you really, really want to.) We want you to go home with a newfound enthusiasm for driving the trails, a WAY cool Chaos Training Certificate and decal and in the same shape that you arrived in the morning. So come out join the fun, learn a ton and enjoy the Chaos!